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Personal Comments From Dr. Kelly Halverson

I was really pleased to have found David at DentistCodes. He has built a great website for me that is accessible. It is clean, crisp and fast. My patients appear to appreciate it. I have had quite a few new patients contact me.

Kelly Halverson, DDS FAGD

Email: info@kellyhalversondds.com
Tel: (972) 238-9626
Address: Kelly Halverson, DDS FAGD, 1001 Buckingham Rd #104, Richardson, TX 75081 – Map
Areas Served: Richardson, Plano, Lake Highlands & Dallas.
Website: Dr. Kelly Halverson
Summary: Kelly Halverson practices general and cosmetic dentistry in Richardson. She provides full dental care and screening for oral cancer.

About Kelly Halverson, DDS FAGD

For some 20 years, Dr. Kelly Halverson has been practicing comprehensive dentistry. Her goal has always been to help patients of all ages, focussing on improving their long-term health and well-being. Listening to her patients concerns and desires, Dr. Halverson is focused on making every dental visit stress free and comfortable.

Dr. Halverson is a firm believer in integrative dentistry where there is commitment to use environmentally sound materials and the types of dental laboratories she uses .

In 2010, she was awarded a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry – a distinction given to as few as 7% of dentists across the U.S.

Dr Halverson’s dental practice is based in Buckingham and has many great reviews from patients living in Richardson, Plano and Lake Highlands.

Contact Kelly Halverson, DDS

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